The necessary complements in strollers and baby strollers

When our baby is born, the cart becomes indispensable to go with him to different places: from the supermarket to a trip with our partner. The baby strollers and strollers have their own 'world' of types and accessories and, although choosing the best cart is not always easy, it is not always easy to determine what complements are the important ones.

exist thousands of different accessories for our babies, and many of them are designed for trolleys and strollers. Even so, the truth is that not all are necessary and perhaps they represent an expense that we can save (especially if we have a more restricted budget). Therefore, here we leave you the necessary complements, according to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU).

The important accessories for carts

Raincoat: the transparent plastic for the trolleys will protect our little one (and his clothes) from the rain, but also from the wind in the winter when we go for a walk. Therefore, it is something that should never be missed in the cold months: they are sold universally, they are valid for any car, and specific to each cart model.

Parasol: It is a small umbrella whose function is to shade our baby in the event that the cart has no hood or when the sun is very low, such as during sunsets.

Coat: the bags for the stroller are also called foot covers and are essential to carry our baby warm in the cold months. They are more advisable when babies are six or more months old and, when they are small, we use one for a carrycot or blanket and quilt.

Support us: The armrest is a small padded bar that is placed in front of the baby (as in the attractions of the fair, for example) and in which the baby can stand. In addition, toys can be hooked on it to entertain our little one while we go for a walk with the baby. The OCU recommends that it be possible to remove it by the time our child has grown up.

Basket under the seat: they usually include all the models, it is, as their own name indicates, a small basket that is placed under the seat and in which we can put objects.

Handbag: it is perhaps one of the most important: a bag that we place on the handlebar of the baby cart in which we put everything necessary: ​​clothes, diapers, bottle, and so on. The best thing is that your cart offers you the possibility of changing it by models of different brands so that you can vary as you wish. Do not forget not to load it too much! It is important that the cart is light.

There are many other accessories for baby strollers that, although not essential, are especially useful for moms and babies. For example, you can get hold of hooks for hanging bags which is placed on the baby's handlebar and helps you carry shopping bags, or with a mattress for the chair that gives comfort to the little one and, by the way, we keep the chair clean.

Angela R. Bonachera

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