The Week of Education will have a specific space for FP

The Vocational training, one of the options that our children have once they finish ESO as well as Bachillerato, will have their own space in the celebration of the 'Education Week' at Ifema in Madrid. In this meeting, students, professors and professionals will show the academic offer and the professional outings of this itinerary.

The week of education, which is held from March 4 to 8 in the capital, will devote a special space to the FP because, as explained by the organizers of the meeting, the last few years have seen an increase of almost 30% of the number of students enrolled in the 150 FP degrees in Spainto. Thus, the representatives of this training itinerary will also take advantage to analyze and promote improvements in the sector.

Vocational Training in Education Week

Among the studies of Vocational Training, those responsible for the educational fair have highlighted the FP Dual for its growth in recent years. And they have explained that in 2013 there were 500 companies that were interested in this training model, while in 2014 the number amounted to 1,500. "An increase that shows The strong demand for Vocational Training qualifications in the labor market", they have explained.

So, during the Education Week lectures and lectures on the role of Vocational Training will be given. Among them, stands out one of the Public State Employment Service that will deal with training and learning contracts and Dual Training. There will also be practical workshops of some of the different VET degrees that exist in Spain, which are framed in 26 different professional areas.

The showcase of the Week of Education

The Week of Education becomes a "comprehensive call for the educational world" and represents "the largest showcase of the education sector in Spain", as described by the organizers. All people related to the educational world (especially teachers and students) can go to it and the meeting will talk about practically everything that happens in the academic world: from the benefits of studying abroad to young entrepreneurship, for example.

A perfect place for students to receive guidance on different university careers and universities within and outside of Spain and where they will also be guided in the consolidation of their professional career: first job, prostrate, and so on.

In addition, for teachers there are areas for share and know resources for teaching. All this with interesting activities ranging from mycorbic and artificial intelligence to high fashion and modeling, through dance or animals, for example.

Angela R. Bonachera


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