How to help them stop smoking

He pours liters and gallons of cologne, he comes home chewing gum, but you notice it: it smells funny. One day you will put a washing machine and you will find a lighter in the pocket of your pants, and then you confirm your suspicions: your teenage son smokes. Although you have tried to prevent this from happening, after the initial upset, the question arises: how to help them quit smoking

And to achieve this, more effective than prohibiting forbidding, is the dialogue with them. If we foster an atmosphere of trust, it will be easier for us to communicate their concerns and be more open to receiving advice.

Tips to stop smoking

1. We will have little power of conviction and little authority if we smoke, so, if we want our son to leave, we must do it too. It can be an excellent time to leave it: why not face the challenge together?

2. Punishments, threats, ultimatums ... do not work well. Try to understand why he smokes: is it because he likes his friends, for being accepted, for trying to look older? Yes we know why smoke, it will be easier to fight it.

3. Tobacco is very expensive. Take one calculator: How much are you spending a week? And a month? And the year? What things could you do with that money? Make a list

3. If you used to smoke and you got to quit, talk to him about what you did, how you felt, what cost you the most, etc. Adolescents are often convinced that You can leave when you want. However, research shows that most adolescents never quit smoking.

4. Support your son. In the process of leaving it, anger, anxiety will be frequent ... Be understanding and patient.

5. Make a list of advantages You will get quitting smoking: take it out when you are tempted to fall again.

6. While smoking, be strong. Do not let him smoke at home.

7. Helping your child quit is one of the better activities that as parents we can do. So if we smoke, it is best that we start first.

8. Finally, reward your son when I get to finally leave it. Plan something special to celebrate together.

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