6 tips for beautiful hair

Small changes in the daily gestures we use to take care of our hair canpromote your health. With these 6 tips for beautiful hair you will discover how to wash your hair and how specific products are used for hair. These tips give rise to a before and after in the state of the hair and appearance of our hair.

Keep ahair shiny and soft, but above all strong and vigorous It is sometimes easier than we think if we follow the advice that the specialists of the American Association of Dermatology recommend.

6 tips to wear beautiful hair

1. Wash oily hair more often

The frequency of hair washing should be based on the amount offat that generates the scalp. If it is oily, it may be necessary to wash itonce a day. In the case of receiving any chemical treatment, the scalp could be drier, so it would be advisable to wash it less often.

Finally, we must bear in mind that over the years the scalpproduces less fat so you do not need to use the shampoo so often.

However, if peeling is detected we may not be washing it enough, which may lead to developingdandruff and other diseases of the scalp.

2. Concentrate the shampoo on the scalp

When you wash your hair, you have to concentrate onclean mainly the scalp instead of washing the entire length of the hair. If only the hair is washed, it can be damaged and return morethin, opaque and rough.

3. Use conditioner

Unless a two-in-one shampoo is used, which cleans and conditions the hair, it is recommended to use conditioner after the shampoo. Using a conditioner cangreatly improve the appearance of the hair damaged or aged by increasing its brightness, decrease static electricity, improve its strength and provide some protection from harmful ultraviolet rays.

4. Concentrate the conditioner on the tips

Since conditioners can cause fine hair to lose shape, they should only be used inhair tips and not on the scalp or the entire length of the hair.

5. Choose a specific shampoo and conditioner for each type of hair

If our hair is dyed, it is convenient to use a shampoo designed for hair treated with color. If it is damaged or chemical treatments have been used on the hair, it is necessary to evaluate the possibility of using a two-in-one shampoo. Regardless of the economic cost, many shampoo and conditioner brandsthey provide the same benefits.

6. Protect the hair when swimming

If you practice swimming in the pool you have to protect the hair from the harmful effects of chlorine,hydrating and conditioning before swimming It is recommended to use aswimming cap well-adjusted and the use of shampoo formulas especially aimed at those who swim, as well as a deep-action conditioner that can replace the moisture lost after bathing.

Marina Berrio

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