Holidays without family conflicts

The longed for vacations in which so much we think and we project during the rest of the year, when fatigue and routine overwhelm us can be a source of conflicts. To spend some vacation without family conflicts Take action and draw a plan.

The holidays are a time of rest, they are an excellent way to overcome the anxiety, stress and exhaustion that we have accumulated over the previous months. They represent a moment of joy and excitement experienced by the whole family at the moment of leaving home.

Spending a vacation without family conflicts is ideal, but sometimes, these days of rest, enjoyment and sharing can end up becoming a cluster of discussions and misunderstandings, which end up ruining the trip to the whole family.

Causes of family conflicts during vacations

There are many causes that can trigger a family conflict during the holidays. These are the ones that are repeated with greater assiduity.

- Change of routine. We radically go from a daily routine to sharing time, almost "full time", with the couple or family. This leads to the small conflicts that intrinsically derive from coexistence, increase and, sometimes, to discover in the other habits or realities unknown to us.

- Unforeseen increase in expenses. On vacations, there are more trips to restaurants for lunch or dinner, as well as expenses that, by itself, entail a stay away from home: hotel or apartment, fuel for the car or purchase of tickets for transportation (plane, boat, train). ), purchase of suitable clothing for the enjoyment of the beach or the mountain * In short, it is the sum of all these amounts that can cause between the marriage or the family a serious mismatch that prevents the enjoyment of a few days as a family.

- Difficulty to harmonize changing moods. Sometimes it may happen that making certain decisions are the triggers of conflicts and disagreements. And is that, if we find that one of the members of the marriage or family always gives in to the wishes of others, there may come a time
-when you least expect it-, when it explodes with a "no" full of indignation and frustration.

- Contrast between the ideal and the real. Other times are the great expectations that we create before the holidays, which lead us to despair before any minimal setback that comes our way. Indeed, there are so many days and months that we have been thinking about our ideal vacations, that before leaving home we have already made a general approach full of hopes and hopes about what our rest time should be. But we already know from experience that ideals are very difficult to achieve and that what actually happens is rather the emergence of setbacks and adversities. Depending on how we face them, the balance we can make of our rest time will be very different.

- Re-emergence of marital and / or family tensions or disagreements. In this case, the holidays are not the cause of these controversies, but because of sharing the precious gift of time, all the unresolved questions that for months had remained hidden come to light.
This set of situations can lead to a real cocktail that explodes when we least expect it, in the middle of the beach or the mountain, leaving behind the idyllic holiday we had dreamed of.

Tips for a vacation without conflicts

1. Plan the holidays well, that is, with time to choose the destination well taking into account the tastes and desires of all.
2. Make an economic budget for the holidays, approved by all and deviate as little as possible from him.
3. Distribute less pleasing tasks among all, such as making a purchase, food or cleaning.
4. Try to enjoy as much as possible these days of fun, without thinking about the few days left until we return home or work.

And if, despite everything, conflicts arise in the couple or in the family, we should make an effort not to get on the defensive and, from calm and dialogue, try to reach an agreement.

Mar Aranda. Member of "SerFamilia". Family Institute

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