Tips to improve fertility

For many couples, conception can become a reason for stress and anxiety to take longer than expected. Fertilization is not always easy. In some couples it can be complicated or take longer than they had thought, but this can not become a source of stress. It is necessary the good state of the parents to achieve the desired pregnancy, and follow guidelines such as the following:

Know the cycle of women

Fertility depends on the menstrual cycle of the woman who determines ovulation. This is given 14 days before the next menstruation, although the cycles are not always accurate. It is the period of greatest fertility. You also have to take into account other factors such as body temperature, vaginal discharge

Having the right weight

To achieve pregnancy, the woman has to have the proper weight and health Obesity or lower than normal weight can alter hormonal production, as it causes the menstrual cycle to be less regular. The woman must feed with the nutrients necessary for the development of the fetus in your belly.

Lead a healthy lifestyle

A healthy and balanced diet is one of the keys to fertility, along with proper sports and sleep. Avoid high-fat foods and resort to fruit, vegetables, meat and cereals. Do not smoke or drink, as it damages health and makes conception difficult. It is important that women take folic acid and vitamin B as supplements.

Avoid excess stress

Anxiety, too much work and little rest also affect fertility. Science has shown the connection between some brain areas and the menstrual cycle of women, so when it is under stress or pressure and is nervous, you can stop menstruating.

Do not turn pregnancy into an obsession

Parents' anxiety about becoming pregnant makes conception difficult. Enjoy life as a couple and look for options that promote conjugal union and love are necessary, for example a second honeymoon.


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