After-school in adolescents, what is the best option?

Finishing school hours does not mean that the learning process is stopped. There are many activities that can be performed on a daily basis and that give different skills to children, and not only the youngest, but also adolescents can participate in them. The extracurricular they have to be done by young people to internalize different skills.

In fact, as the psychologist points out Alejandra Daniela Calero, are highly recommended activities in adolescents because this stage is adolescence is a vital cycle in the development of the individual. At these ages, children internalize skills, competencies, and other skills they will use in their future adult life. A sample of how extracurricular They have a great importance for them.

What do you want to improve?

At these ages it is likely that adolescents have already practiced an extracurricular during their childhood. From integrating a football team, swimming courses, to music classes. Is the family looking to continue betting on an existing talent or trying to improve other skills? The best thing at this point is to make an appointment with the tutor of the young boys.

These can give clues about some deficiencies that may present the academic curriculum of the teenager. English, reinforcement of some subject, etc. In addition, this figure of the faculty can also expose the family, and the adolescent himself, the offer of extracurricula that exists in the school itself. The counselor can also be very helpful.

Those adolescents who do not know very well what extracurriculars suit them, can go to the counselor to know better what characterize and what activities correspond to these tastes. In this way, not only will the school needs of young people be taken into account, but also the intentions of those who will practice them will be valued.

Avoid overload

We must also bear in mind that at these ages the study load It is greater, so you should remember the need for rest. In this sense, extracurricular activities can also serve as a way to disconnect. The tastes of the adolescent can mark a practice that besides teaching also entertains and allows him to escape during these hours.

It is also important to motivate the teenager. For example, it is possible that the adolescent attracted to one of his favorite groups wants to start an instrument. Parents must remind them of the dedication that requires learning these skills and at the same time maintain the motivation. A good advice in this sense is to ask to be taught what they have learned, whether they are guitar chords or computer programming.

Finally, do not forget the future of the teenager. From the meetings with the counselor, it can be deduced what extracurriculars could help in the face of the career that they want to start. Programming, learning to master design tools, etc. It is not necessary to deny the importance that these practices can have so that the young person knows the world in which he wants to submerge.

Damián Montero

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