7 games to have fun at children's birthday parties

Congratulations! Our son is already a year older and we are going to celebrate in style with his school friends. Have you thought about the invitations? And in the games that will be entertained all afternoon? Here are some ideas for you to have fun preparing the party as well as celebrating it.

There are few things that make a child so happy that they celebrate party on his birthday. It is the day he is the protagonist and that is why he likes to share it with his family and friends. To make this day unforgettable for our son, we will help you with the preparations: piñata, invitations, games, streamers ... he will love to prepare everything with his parents and siblings.

Birthday party invitations

The first and most important thing to think about is the birthday guests, how many are we going to be. Together with our son, we can draw up a list of the children he wants to invite and then help him prepare some beautiful invitations. There are invitations for birthdays in any stationery, but if we want to be original, it is best to resort to our own imagination and make our invitations.

According to the creativity that our son throws at him and our help if he needs it, we can do very attractive invitations resorting to cuts, bright colors, drawings, photographs... the possibilities are innumerable and we will also spend an entertaining time. The invitations can be from simple drawings on cardboard to more elaborate designs that include cutouts of flowers in colored papers, glitter or any other material. Surely the guests will love it!

Games to entertain a birthday party

You have to think ahead of time about the games that will be proposed at the party, just in case you have to have some elements that we may need. Let there be music and candies as a reward. The games to have fun at children's birthday parties They can be done in a garden or in a playground and also on the floor, depending on how our house is. Here are some of them:

1. Pilla pilla and hiding place
They are the best known children's games: one stays in a specific place and the others have to run away while he counts up to ten. When it's over, you can go for them, but you can not pick them up if they are touching a tree, under a door frame ... or whatever you can think of.

2. Half lemon
A circle is formed, the children are numbered in order and the number 1 holds a ball. It's about that they are throwing it messily among them, but saying a formula, faster and faster. For example, if the number 1 wants to pass the ball to number 4, it will say while it is thrown: "One lemon, half a lemon, four lemons, half a lemon". The number 4 picks it up quickly and says in a hurry as he throws it to number 6: "Four lemons, half a lemon, six lemons, half a lemon". Those who get confused when throwing the ball are eliminated.

3. Chairs
It is necessary to have almost as many chairs as children are going to play, placed in two rows with their backs facing each other or in a circle. The children stand around and have to go around the music. When you stop, everyone will try to sit down. Those who do not find a free chair, are left out, and every time a child is eliminated, a chair is removed.

4. The world upside down
The organizer is giving orders and the participants have to do the opposite. That is, if it says, "raise the right hand", you have to go up the left, if you say "lower your head", you have to upload it, etc.

5. Pledge
The children have to sit on the ground in a circle. To the sound of the music, they will go through the air, at will, a small package wrapped in a handkerchief so that they do not hurt themselves. Each time the music stops, the one with the gift in their possession is eliminated. Win the one that has never been eliminated.

6. The package
It will be necessary to have a gift wrapped once in nice paper and like 8 or 10 times more in newspaper sheets, inserting some more sheets of gift paper, to mislead. Sitting in a circle, the children have to pass the package from hand to hand, to the music. Each time you stop, the child who has it in his power can remove a paper - just one, eye - until, finally, one remove the last paper and keep the prize.

7. Telephone
Sitting in a circle, we give one of the children a short story, but with several facts and characters intertwined. He has to tell his neighbor in his ear, and this one to the next, and this one to the other ... until they all hear it. The fun will be when the last one tells what they have told him, and the first one reads his paper that probably has nothing to do with it.

Teach good manners

Our son's birthday is a good opportunity to teach him good manners. These will be oriented to thank the gifts, to be kind to the guests, helpful * in short, to be a good host. Before the guests begin to arrive, we have to explain to them that they have to go to meet them at the door and greet them to welcome them. Of course, we must also warn you that even if a gift does not like or excite you, you must also thank him and encourage him to share the gifts so he can play with his friends. And when the party is over and peace returns home, we can ask you to help us pick up everything, this is one of the "hardest" parts of the celebration!

Teresa Pereda

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