Young skin with aesthetic medicine

Enjoy a young skin with aesthetic medicine has many advantages in the face of the mirror and, also, on surgery. Aesthetic medicine treatments such as laser photorejuvenation and filling with hyaluronic acid can significantly improve the appearance of your skin without going through the operating room.

They say that at 30 you start noticing thefirst signs of maturity on the face. Well, if that's at 30, then at 40 you fly in free fall to the abyss of old age. They also say that creams are no longer the ultimate symbol of female beauty, because they have been replaced in some way by these much more effective treatments. Recovering a young skin with aesthetic medicine is the most recommended for women who do not want surgery or go through the operating room. Aesthetic medicine is less invasive and more respectful of the natural beauty of women.

The signs of skin aging

I do not want to depress anyone, I want to wake everyone up to reality. You still do not explain why they call you when you still have the face of a girl, right? "Probably is-you think-because I'm going with 7 children by the hand ... although, how strange, when I go without them they also call me madame and those ordinarieces * If I do not have half a wrinkle *!". You really do not have to get excited about not having wrinkles because the worst is not that. The first symptoms of aging (we will call it more diplomatically, maturity) consist of:
- The loss of the facial oval (that is, sagging of the skin of the face). Yes, that's why you have dark circles and probably have detected the appearance of those sinister slits on both sides of the mouth called nasogenian grooves.
- Skin fatigue, also called lack of brightness, which if you take or have taken a lot of the sun combined with the appearance of sunspots that give you a frankly catastrophic appearance.

Once you have faced the harsh reality, the ideal is to approach a specialized clinic where the first consultation is usually free and where you can be informed in depth about the best treatments to recover a young skin with aesthetic medicine. Also, do not forget to ask for approximate budgets, lest the possible sablazo leave the account shivering and the husband visibly upset.

Laser and hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate

One of the most recommended treatments by experts to show off a young skin with aesthetic medicine is thePhotorejuvenation with pulsed light (IPL), because it fights all fronts: luminosity, wrinkles, spots and open pores, which also influence the appearance of the skin, because with age they open up and give it a coarser appearance.
For the treatment to be really effective, it should be combined with biostimulation treatments with vitamins and hyaluronic acid. Four sessions a year are recommended. The approximate price of the session is from € 300, plus biostimulation.

The filling of hyaluronic acid for furrows and wrinkles It is currently the most effective and least invasive. Provides turgor and freshness to the skin in a natural way, because it is a molecule that is an integral part of the dermis and the rest of the connective tissues of the body.
What you do have to be clear is that this is an investment because it usually lasts between 9 and 18 months, and after looking so great to see who is the pretty one that endures with their old wrinkles. It is true, also, that the disappearance of hyaluronic acid does not worsen the skin, if at all the improvement, because its presence in the treated area stimulates its natural production in the dermis of the patient.

Affordable tips for a young skin

If even then the economic investment gives you vertigo, what you can do is comfort yourself with the words that the wiser husbands - and poorer - say to their women: "age with dignity". And do not forget to follow the most affordable advice recommended by specialists:
- It uses a Retinol in winter: A derivative of vitamin A, which stimulates skin renewal and produces an index of intense corneal replacement.
- Use cream with Vitamin C all year as a base or moisturizer.
- Complements with trace elements such as oral cosmetics, which are chemical elements that are in very low concentration in the organism, but whose presence is fundamental for the synthesis of collagen. Since agriculture has been industrialized and pesticides and herbicides are used in a massive way, the presence of some trace elements in the diet has fallen sharply. That is why substitution treatments are done orally or in injectable.
- And finally, try to rest or at least that the dream is repairing.

Marina Echánove. Stylist and writer
Author of the book Your style. The keys to elegance, femininity and distinction, by Editorial Palabra
Advisors:Almudena Royo Pérez and Josefina Royo de la Torre. Aesthetic Physicians of Instituto Médico Láser

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